Private Cloud as-a-Service

Any organization looking to develop and market cloud services as a new path to revenue for clients, partners or end-users should consider Breqwatr’s Private-Cloud-as-a-Service.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Fastest time-to-market for hosted/managed private cloud
  • Flexibly cost models that align perfectly with your business
  • Lowest TCO compared to similar alternative approaches

What do education institutions and service providers have in common? They are both interested in finding ways to attract and retain new residents.

  • For educational institutions, including universities and colleges, attracting top talent is critical to growing a school’s reputation. Access to the right resources can often be a deciding factor.
  • For service providers it is no different. New differentiated products and services provide access to new client prospects and help to retain existing ones.

There is an opportunity in both industries for the development and marketing of dedicated and secure cloud infrastructure alternatives, that cater to an increasing need for privacy. The challenge is that designing, deploying and managing cloud infrastructure at any scale can be incredibly complex and costly.

Breqwatr’s Private-Cloud-as-a-Service provides these organizations with a turn-key cloud appliance that can be deployed as a hosted, managed solution in the comfort and control of a datacenter of their choice.

  • For educational institutions, lab environments can be provisioned in minutes, empowering students and faculty to flex their creative muscle with the infrastructure resources they need, how and when they need them.
  • For service providers, Breqwatr provides a quick solution for client prospects seeking single tenant, hosted and managed infrastructure, without the cost, complexity and risk of developing a new service from scratch.

Other benefits include:

  • “If you build it will they come??”… forget about it! Breqwatr is completely turnkey, allowing you the unique opportunity to market and sell your new service without investing a penny upfront.
  • Breqwatr’s intuitively designed UI eliminates the need to hire or train resources to manage the service.
  • Breqwatr can be either purchased or rented giving you the choice of where and how the costs of your service should be accounted.