Fast Path to OpenStack


Take the fast path to OpenStack and remove all of the upfront cost, complexity and time needed to build it yourself. DevOps flourishes under an OpenStack private cloud and Breqwatr gets you up and running in a day.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Accelerate application releases by enabing CI/CD and improve time to market for new applications and services through user-centric self-service infrastructure
  • Enable agile application development practices
  • Improve deployment quality with common automation tools like Chef, Puppet and Ansible
  • Increase operational efficiency by modernizing core business applications

Considering a move to private cloud? OpenStack is hard to ignore. It is no wonder OpenStack is considered by many to be the defacto standard for Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

There are three main advantages that set OpenStack apart from the rest:

  1. Programmable infrastructure with Standardized APIs to which configuration, security settings and application performance optimization can be scripted with popular tools like Chef, Puppet and Ansible
  2. Rate of Innovation With over 550 supporting companies and close to 35,000 individual developers improving source code that is released every 6 months, OpenStack’s rate of innovation is unrivalled.
  3. Flexibility OpenStack is a DevOps dream – a flexible platform that can be architected to suit anyone’s exact requirements.

OpenStack’s benefits tempt many businesses to design and implement their own solutions. But the challenges are many:

  1. OpenStack is complicated
  2. There is so much choice and variability.
  3. OpenStack is not shrink-wrap software that can simply be installed. There are no instructions that tell you how to do it nor what it should look like when you are done.
  4. Most importantly, the smart people that have the experience deploying OpenStack are hard to find. If you are lucky you may find them, but retaining them long term so they can help you run it is even harder.

This is why many OpenStack initiatives tend to become run-on projects in excess of 8-12 months with escalating costs and risk.

Breqwatr gives you Private Cloud without complexity. It removes the guesswork from deploying and running an OpenStack cloud.

Smarts are in the box, so you don’t have to find, train and retain people to build it.

Operational in minutes. A turnkey application that arrives pre-configured to your specifications ready to serve up Cloud on your terms.

An intuitive user experience. Breqwatr is simple to use and easy to operate.

Enables DevOps: Day 2 activities on Day 2. Don’t waste time, money and resources on a lengthy build project when you can have what you want in a day. Exposed APIs empower those that can to create workload portability, configuration automation and enterprise integration

Improves time to market for new client-facing applications by providing developers with a user-centric platform that is consumable within minutes of deployment.

Reduces Time, Cost & Risk associated with a long, complicated DIY OpenStack implementation