Fast Path to Hybrid Cloud

Breqwatr puts your business on the fast path to innovation by delivering a user-centric computing platform that combines the best of two worlds: the Cloud-like characteristics your business wants with the predictability and performance your business needs.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Improve your client and employee engagement through accelerated mobile application development
  • Unlock the power of DevOps through programmable OpenStack APIs
  • Say no to vendor lock-in
  • Reduce the dependency on public cloud and save money
  • Save time, money and risk associated with long and complicated private cloud implementations

Your business demands it all. On one hand you need stability, uptime and guarantees that your critical applications and data are safe. On the other hand you want IT-as-a-Service – fast, flexible and cost-effective – to accelerate the development and delivery of new differentiated services. But these opposing needs are difficult to satisfy.

Virtualization Is Quickly Becoming A Legacy Computing Model – IT improves the uptime and stability of their data centers through virtualization. Unfortunately, this infrastructure-centric approach makes it difficult for IT to pivot and provide the agility, flexibility and self-service that you demand.

Public Cloud gives your business a taste of how things could be: easy-to-use, programmable infrastructure with the magic of automated elasticity. But it comes at a cost and adds complexity to your IT operations.

Public cloud is hard to ignore. When used wisely, it is the best choice when unpredictable scalability and cheap tertiary storage is required.

Don’t worry though, your current virtualized infrastructure will remain a safe haven for your most critical applications and data.

But how can you teach this old dog new tricks?

Can you transform your legacy environment into a private cloud environment? Yes, but it is incredibly complex, costly and loaded with risk. Wouldn’t it be easier to simply start from scratch with an adjacent environment that is user-centric and cloud-enabled by design? Gartner thinks so.

This new operating model is Bimodal IT, but it is easier said than done, right?


Breqwatr is the user-centric cloud-enabled puzzle piece you’ve been looking for. By integrating a curated deployment of OpenStack with a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance, Breqwatr brings all of the value of the public cloud into the comfort and control of your data centers with a time-to-value for IT that is measured in minutes, not months.

Critical ‘Cloud’ Characteristics:

  • Intuitive User Experience – Simple to use. Easy to operate. No learning curve.
  • Highly Programmable – OpenStack APIs are fully exposed so you can:
    • Enable DevOps (automation and orchestration)
    • Enable workload portability
    • Connect and integrate 3rd party infrastructure like enterprise storage and Identity management

Must-have ‘Stability’ characteristics:

  • Self-Healing – set it and forget it fault tolerance that ensures your business always moving forward
    • Instance-Level High Availability
    • Control-Plane High Availability
    • Hardware Redundancy
  • Hardware Manager – Monitor and manage the hardware to your specifications.