Deployable Infrastructure

Rapidly deployable, intelligent infrastructure that is easy to operate under any condition.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Gives field personnel more time to focus on strategic operations, with less time needed for deployment
  • Quick learning curve for new operators with easy-to-use, Intuitive user interface
    • Avoid the need for specialized infrastructure personnel in the field
    • Save time and money on training and certification programs
  • Highly portable, weighing in at under 100kg and occupying less than 12 cubic ft, you can carry more personnel rather than infrastructure into the field.

Whether its research and exploration or military campaigns abroad, technology in the field can make a huge difference to the outcome the mission at hand. The challenge is getting applications and the supporting infrastructure that typically would belong in a datacenter, into remote and unforgiving environments where they are needed most.

There is an increasing demand for portable infrastructure that can be rapidly deployed. Unfortunately, all of the infrastructure deployment kits in service today are large, complex and require many hours of configuration and setup in the field… a place where minutes and hours saved may save more than just headaches.

Breqwatr – Intelligent Infrastructure, Rapidly Deployed & Easy to Operate

Breqwatr’s Field Deployment Kit (FDK), brings new meaning to the term “datacenter in a box”. Weighing less than 100kg and occupying fewer than 12 cubic feet of space, FDK offers all of the infrastructure required to run critical applications and services from the field, with an intuitive self-service portal that requires little to no training.