Breqwatr Cloud Platform is Arcus OS + OpenStack

Breqwatr takes the complexity out of deploying and managing an OpenStack cloud by rolling the core OpenStack services together into our Cloud OS (“Arcus”) and pre-configuring it all in a turn-key appliance.

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Store Front

For simple and intuitive user access to Infrastructure-as-a-Service, including project-based quotas and chargeback accounting, along with easy access controls of external storage, networking and virtual machine management.


Instance Manager

A service that monitors the cloud’s instances to ensure that they are automatically relaunched in the event of a node failure. Instance manager also monitors instance expiration and deletion.

Hardware Manager

A unique set of tools that allow an administrator to take control of the underlying hardware for the purposes of regular maintenance.


Cluster Manager

In a “shared nothing” architecture it is critical that availability services are owned and executed flawlessly. Cluster Manager monitors critical systems and ensures that they are always on.

Cloud Evacuation

This special set of tools allows an administrator to safely migrate virtual assets, and the associated metadata, out of the cloud.


Other Features


it is now possible to create scalable networks, add virtual routers and leverage advanced network services like VPNaaS (VPN as a Service) and VxLAN Tunnels (Layer-2 Overlay Network).

Self-Service Provisioning

Users of the system are provided with limits (quotas or budgets configurable on a per project basis). Within these limits, users manage their compute and storage resources, configure instances, and deploy distributed applications without additional administrative oversight.

OpenStack and AWS API Compatibility

Exposed RESTful APIs to build custom interoperable scripts between Breqwatr, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and other OpenStack clouds.

Enterprise Integration

Seamless integration with existing enterprise infrastructure.

  1. Identity Management Integration – Extend existing identity workflows into the cloud with Breqwatr’s support for Active Directory and LDAP
  2. SAN/NAS Storage Integration – Extend existing storage workflows with Breqwatr’s support for Cinder compatible storage platforms from Pure Storage.


OpenStack Service Release API Coverage
Block Storage Kilo (Cinder)
Block StorageCompute API & Extensions Kilo (Nova v2.1)
Identity API & Extensions Kilo (Keystone v.3.1)
Image Service API Kilo (Glance v.2.0)
Networking API & Extensions Kilo (Neutron v.2.0)
Orchestration API Kilo (Heat v.1.0)
Telemetry API Kilo (Ceilometer v2.0)
Object Storage Ceph n/a
Supported Hypervisor KVM QUMU n/a
OpenStack Service Block Storage
Release Kilo (Cinder)
API Coverage
OpenStack Service Block StorageCompute API & Extensions
Release Kilo (Nova v2.1)
API Coverage
OpenStack Service Identity API & Extensions
Release Kilo (Keystone v.3.1)
API Coverage
OpenStack Service Image Service API
Release Kilo (Glance v.2.0)
API Coverage
OpenStack Service Networking API & Extensions
Release Kilo (Neutron v.2.0)
API Coverage
OpenStack Service Orchestration API
Release Kilo (Heat v.1.0)
API Coverage
OpenStack Service Telemetry API
Release Kilo (Ceilometer v2.0)
API Coverage
OpenStack Service Object Storage
Release Ceph
API Coverage n/a
OpenStack Service Supported Hypervisor
Release KVM QUMU
API Coverage n/a